Economic Justice

An Introduction to LeftRoots

| Carl Redwood |

LeftRoots is preparing cadre as liberatory strategists for the next phases of our struggle to build 21st  Century socialism.

In These Times describes LeftRoots as

a five-year-old social­ist group that offers a hub for on-the-ground orga­niz­ers around the coun­try to strate­gize togeth­er. Left­Roots’ mem­ber­ship includes ​“super-majori­ties both of peo­ple of col­or, and of women and oth­er gen­der-oppressed peo­ple.” Co-founder NTanya Lee says this isn’t ​“just a racial cri­tique that the con­tem­po­rary U.S. Left is too white” (though ​“that is a fact,” she adds). Instead, it’s vital, she says, that any move­ment to trans­form the world be ​“root­ed in the strug­gles of work­ing-class com­mu­ni­ties of col­or who are the ones who have the most at stake in defeat­ing the sys­tem and win­ning the lib­er­a­tion that we real­ly want.

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