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Watch: Voices for New Democracy Forum With The Poor People’s Campaign

Our latest forum with Roz Pelles and Lucy Lewis discusses the work of the Poor People’s Campaign in advancing the fight against poverty at grassroots and national levels.

In our latest monthly political forum, Roz Pelles and Lucy Lewis from The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival joined Voices for New Democracy to discuss the important work of the campaign and its strategy of weaving together diverse struggles that center impacted communities.

The Poor People’s Campaign draws on the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s organizing and the Civil Rights Movement to bring the fight against poverty back into the national conversation through grassroots organizing in communities across the country and nonviolent direct action with their diverse coalition.

In the forum, Roz Pelles discusses the outlook and strategies of the movement, highlighting the leadership by directly impacted individuals and the ongoing work of bringing together diverse social, political, economic, and environmental movements to build a unified voice demanding common goals. She also discusses the Campaign’s work of submitting a “moral budget” to Congress, highlighting priorities for investment in family care and community support, which may have influenced the recent Congressional infrastructure bills that would deliver historic investments in these areas.

Watch the full forum below.

One reply on “Watch: Voices for New Democracy Forum With The Poor People’s Campaign”

I just viewed the talk by Roz Pelles about the Poor Peoples Campaign which is headquartered in North Carolina but whose day to day wo thrk is done at the State the State levels, e.g. Joyce Johnson is on the state of North Carolina chapter. Good to know that the stafthefing comes from Repairers of the Breach and a group in NYC (Chiro? ). Being in California not much local representation about the PPC it was helpful to learn and be informed. Does the PPC have materials such as organizers manuals to teach poor people to take up leadership? Seems that would be generic and needed everywhere. How many of the PPC issues revolve around low paid workers such as fast food industries and the importance of unionization? I assume many of the 143 million in the country are low wage workers in the fast food and service industries including restaturants, etc. Are there organizing committees organized around these types of poor people to give guidance for work in those areas? thanks, Floyd Huen of Oakland, California


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