Watch: Forum on The Global Crisis, Ukraine and the Fight against Nuclear War

Last month, Voices for New Democracy hosted our latest monthly political forum discussing contemporary global crises, including Ukraine and the fight against nuclear war.

Hosted by Dennis Torigoe with commentary from Jerry Tung and Bob Anderson, the forum touched on the factors at play in the current war in Ukraine and the threat of nuclear war that has been building over the course of the conflict. Highlighting the U.S. and NATO’s long history of antagonism towards Russia, China, and other rising powers not aligned with Western political and economic hegemony, they discussed the stakes and scope of the conflicts playing out today on the global stage. From the military-industrial complex to U.S. dollar hegemony, the forces of Western imperialism are fighting to maintain their control of the global political order. In this context, the danger of nuclear war is rising once again, and it is vital that socialists sharpen their analysis of the international situation to offer a viable alternative.

Watch the full forum below: