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Commentary: We Need a Ceasefire in Ukraine

Dennis Torigoe discusses a recent open letter in the New York Times calling for a ceasefire in Ukraine

| Dennis Torigoe |

This is a full page ad in the print edition of the New York Times published in May, 2023.  It was signed by former members of the State Department and the military, as well as leading critics of the war like Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University.  It came to my attention from an email sent out by Stop the War Machine, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico (

In summary, the Russia-Ukraine War is a humanitarian crisis that has caused immense death and destruction.

There are many factors that contributed to the war, including Russia’s security concerns, NATO expansion, and Ukraine’s desire to join the West. However, it is clear that NATO expansion played a significant role in the conflict.

NATO expansion has been a source of tension between Russia and the West for many years. Russia sees NATO expansion as a threat to its security, and has repeatedly warned against it. NATO expansion has also been seen by some as a betrayal of the promises made to Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The war in Ukraine is a reminder of the dangers of NATO expansion. It is also a reminder that diplomacy is the only way to resolve security disputes. The United States and its allies must work with Russia to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Ukraine. Otherwise, the war could escalate into a nuclear world war  and have devastating consequences for all involved.

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