Exploring possibilities for large-scale progressive social change

We are multi-racial activists with roots dating back to the 70s Left  when the movements for self-determination for oppressed nationalities, civil rights, anti-imperialism, student, and women’s liberation took root and spurred attempts to build organizations with discipline and actionable theories of revolutionary change.

When these struggles ebbed in the 80s and 90s, we maintained our focus on justice, preparing for a 21st century resurgence, which has now arrived. Re-engaged in the midst of 2020’s turmoil, we hope the insights from our 50 years of collective experience provide a useful lens with which to analyze and advance today’s struggles.

We seek a post-industrial society characterized by equitable distribution of resources to bolster individual, family, and community life with true opportunities for all to thrive. This goal requires changes in the way capitalism works today and, therefore, institutional changes in the way our government works on every level — local, state and national — to further true democracy. 

Today, our country has come to another profound turning point in history when great social, economic and political transformations are necessary and possible but, without intentionality, not inevitable. It’s time to change our world and create the future that puts humanity, not profits, at the center. We hope this blog lends a useful perspective to that mission.

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