Global Peace & Collaboration

June 5 Monthly Political Forum: Are We Heading Towards World War III?

Find readings for our next monthly political forum with Jerry Tung and Sherri Donovan.

Join Voices for New Democracy on Sunday June 5th at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT for our next monthly political forum discussing the state and trajectory of global geopolitics. Jerry Tung and Sherri Donovan will share their reflections on the changing international situation, moderated by Dennis Torigoe.

Reading list:

The U.S. Dollar Regime

The Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency

Military Buildup Ain’t the Way

Russia Ukraine War and Macro Impact w/ Luke Gromen

The Era Of A Financialized Fiat-Dollar Standard Is Ending

Chapter 11: Ray Dalio “The Changing World Order”

Stagflation Most Likely Scenario: Steven Roach

Ambassador Matlock on Export of American Democracy or Any Governance Models

Party Program by Australian Citizens Party

Why Oligarchs Choose London for their Dirty Money

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